Here’s the scoop:

Our client moved to Canada under an investment program to open a business here. He was in the set-up stage, so the business was not yet generating revenue. He wanted to purchase a home but had been declined by multiple banks and brokers.

Here’s how we helped:

  • After others had failed, we were successful in securing him 65% financing, at a reasonable rate
  • How? We took our time truly getting to know our client. Those that were unable to find him a solution had not asked the right questions, and had missed key pieces of information during what we refer to as our “planning phase”
  • We were successful because we truly got to know him, assessed his current and long-term objectives, and found a lender that was a good fit for his unique situation
  • He and his family have now settled in to their new home and are currently renovating
  • He is a very happy client, and we are very happy brokers because we were able to help him