No Money Down Mortgage Approved After Multiple Declines.

By The Blake Wilson Group

We’re pretty proud of how we were able to help this couple get approved for a mortgage. This was a tough deal, but we worked with a great lending partner to get this mortgage approved with zero down, and cash back for renovations. Here’s the scoop:

The couple had fallen on hard times, resulting in “blemished” credit
For context, beacon scores between 700 and 900 are ideal; our clients came to us with scores of 490 and 640
Prior to working with us, they were declined by 7 brokers and 3 mortgage specialists!
To complicate the deal further, the subject property was located in rural Nova Scotia which is outside of primary lending areas
We took the time to understand the root causes that attributed to their bruised credit, and targeted a lender with a niche policy that made sense for their situation
Not only did we get their mortgage approved by leveraging the right lender and the right policy, we got them approved with zero money down, and they will receive cash back for desired renovations
We’d say that’s a big win! The takeaway for our client? ‘We should have come to yourteam first!’

We get tough deals done. Save yourself time, anxiety and get the real answer from The Blake Wilson Group.

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