Here’s the scoop:

We recently worked with a client to purchase a property for his business. The property would accommodate other tenants and our client would occupy 50% of the space. The client wished to make significant improvements to the property following acquisition.

Because the client’s business has seasonal fluctuations in revenue, having access to operating capital in slow times was considered, “nice to have”.

Here’s how we helped:

  • 100% financing for the property purchase
  • 100% financing on property renovations
  • A larger operating LOC than was previously available to the client – which the client will be using to cover closing costs
  • A corporate Mastercard with a significant limit

So, client purchased the property with no money down, and without the need to draw on operating cash flow. Client will cover closing costs with their LOC, with additional credit capacity remaining.  

If you have any questions or need advice about your next purchase, give us a call. It’s highly likely we can customize a solution specific to you!