Here’s the scoop:

Our client was looking for additional funds for a construction project. He had already approached his bank, but was unhappy with the loan amount they were offering due to the limited amount he claimed as personal income (although he had high net worth).

  • BWG worked with the client to find an all-in-one solution for high net worth individuals
  • The solution gave him access to over 200% more capital than his current bank had offered him
  • This solution also allowed him to make interest only payments on the monies borrowed, payments which he could write off and have his company pay for (no personal interest expense incurred)
  • The result: Our client was very happy as he was no longer required to make principle payments personally, while the money was loaned
  • He could also advance and re-advance (on the principle that was repaid) when required, instead of getting a large lump sum of money and having payments start right away.